viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Comenzamos con Scratch!!!!!

Today we are going to start using Scratch in our English lessons. The main purpose to use it is this time will be to create stories. 

The first step we have to take will be create an account on the Scratch website. It will be very easy if you follow this steps:

1. Let's go to Scratch website:  Scratch website. 

2. Now you have to click on UNETE A SCRATCH.

3. You have to follow the steps they are saying to you and fill all the fields. 

4. Once you have your account you have to log in to use your personal site. You can do it by clicking on INGRESAR.

5. When you are at main screen you need to go to CREAR. It will be here where you can start creating your story. 

Using this picture you can identify the main tools you will need to work with Scratch.

Now we offer you a couple of very helpful tips for you to deal with this new tool:

1. This is an amazing website with lots of information about the different elements of Scratch. PLEASE WHENEVER YOU HAVE A DOUBT TRY TO LOOK THE INFORMATION HERE. 

2. The following video will help you to understand step by step how you can create a story and a dialogue using Scratch.

Now it is time to start with our project. We are going to create our accounts and check all the characters and possible background. This will help us to think on the story we want to write. 

We are going to work in pairs and first of all yo will need to write a script about what you want to show. We will use the creative technique: 1, 2, HANDS ON.
  • 1.: You have 5 minutes to think as much as posible and write it down about what you think your story will be about. 
  • 2.: You and your partner will say to each other your ideas. 
  • HANDS ON: you will create a script together. 

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